How Many ____________ Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

By Sally

Let’s see – a light bulb located on a high ceiling needs to be changed. Let’s see how many electricians it takes to do this:

  1. An electrician flips the switch to see if it works. When the light doesn’t go on he says, “It must be the bulb.” He calls another electrician to get a ladder.
  2. The ladder is brought and set up. He then goes up the ladder to remove the bulb.
  3. The bulb is given to another electrician to get a new one.
  4. The electrician holding the ladder leaves to go to lunch.
  5. Another electrician takes his place. The electrician gets tired of waiting for the new bulb and takes a coffee break.
  6. When the electrician can’t find the right bulb he calls to another for help.
  7. Upon finding the correct bulb, he returns to the ladder and finds the first electrician gone. So he calls another electrician and gives him the bulb because it’s time for him to go home.
  8. Upon waiting with the bulb, the one holding the ladder is getting sleepy and goes for a break, calling for another electrician to hold the ladder.
  9. The first electrician returns from his coffee break and checks the bulb, noting that it’s the wrong color and sends it back.
  10. About half an hour later an electrician returns with the light bulb, stating the previous electrician had to go home sick.
  11. The electrician holding the ladder suddenly feels faint and another electrician is called to hold the ladder.
  12. The first electrician really doesn’t want to climb the ladder again so calls for another who drinks all the time.
  13. When the new electrician arrives he climbs the ladder and replaces the bulb. When he gets back down the second ladder holder doesn’t know where the ladder came from so he calls for another electrician to take back the ladder. He, also not knowing where it belongs, folds it up and leaves it against the wall.
  14. When two electricians pass by the ladder they pick it up and walk away, taking the ladder with them. Where they took it to, I don’t know. Ask the electrician!

December 2017