How loud can you roar?

By Sally

Throughout the jungle the roar of the lions became louder and stronger, carrying through the trees, so that the monkeys stopped playing and were wondering what was going on.

One of the monkeys said to his friend, “They must be really mad and want to devour something.” Another monkey said, “It does sound very frightening. Let’s get closer so we can see the action.” So the monkeys rambled over the bushes and swung through the trees to get to where the lions were having their dispute.

When they got to the spot, there were five lions standing side by side, taking their turns with their mighty roars, and shaking their manes as furiously as they could.

“Oh my gosh,” said one of the monkeys, “They are really going to have a serious fight!” And they held onto each other and shivered with fright.

Then the lions formed a circle and roared again and started to lift their paws and kick their legs.

The monkeys decided to get a better view, so they climbed a huge coconut tree and sat on the branches looking down at the lions as they started to roar again.

By this time all the animals of the jungle were in a quandary and looking for cover to protect themselves, thinking those lions must be pretty hungry and they needed to hide. So they too looked for cover.

The lions formed a circle around a tree – oh, yes, the same tree the monkeys had climbed to get a good look.

The roar of the lions and the kicking of their feet shook the tree furiously, and – yep! The monkeys came falling down, landing right on top of the lion’s backs. This is something no lion wants to have – a monkey on his back!

I don’t know who was more surprised, the lions or the monkeys, but all started scrambling and weren’t paying attention to where they were going. And the lions were running in one direction and the monkeys in another – so fast that they, once again, ran right into each other!

The lions roared furiously as their feet dug into the ground to stop, and the monkeys jumped up to get out of their way, and hung onto each other’s tails and climbed a tree to the top.

The lions’ roar became louder and louder. They were mad that the monkeys had disturbed their roaring dispute, and wanted to show them that they were the king of the jungle and no one messes with the king!

But at that moment the coconuts in the tree became quite loose and as the monkeys jumped around with fright, the coconuts fell from the tree landing on the heads of the lions – uh huh – making them so dizzy that they staggered off into the jungle.

No one heard the lions roar for quite some time after. But when the lions did roar it wasn’t under a coconut tree!

March 2016