How Fast Can You Run?

by Sally

While waiting in the left turn lane, with cars on my right, bumper to bumper, I was peacefully looking around waiting for the light to change and traffic to start moving. When all of a sudden I heard this loud thump on my car. Startled, I thought, “Did I hit someone?” But I hadn’t moved. This man appeared, kind of draped over my car, getting up, holding his shoulder and waving at me, saying he was okay.

I opened my door and he was already across the street, running and looking back, waving his hand and telling me he was okay.

I thought for a moment and I recalled seeing him running, looking back to the strip mall he came from. My thoughts were: Was he running from someone? Did he steal something and was being chased? Did he run into my car?

I drove a little distance and heard an unusual noise, so I pulled over to see what was causing the rattle. As I walked around I noticed the rear view mirror hanging by a wire – yes, one long wire. I opened my trunk and got out my old favorite – the bungee cord! I swapped one around the mirror and through the window, and hooked it inside the car.

The man ran so hard into my car he knocked off the mirror. At least he didn’t dent the car.

I got to a place I was supposed to be helping a lady, and what did she have on the TV? People’s Court. What was the complaint? A man running into another man’s car and denting his door. The judge said he never heard or had a case like this – a man running into a car. I politely said, “You and me both.”

May, 2013

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