By Sally

I applaude the people who put up pods for the homeless. Shelters are full and, as I understand, you have to be there by a certain time. And I’ve heard of thefts among the people.

Maybe the pods are beautiful and a good sight-seeing effect on our city. But they are probably a good help towards safety and protection for the homeless. They need it too, just like we do in our homes with our locked windows and doors.

No doubt there are cities across this nation and other nations with the problem of homeless people. I think if we would take the time to talk to them, we could find in some cases happenings in their lives that they couldn’t cope with or couldn’t get help for, which put them in the situation they are in. And these times often lead to drug use.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but even in the bible it says, “We will always have the hungry with us” (statement by Jesus).

There are a lot of organizations out there that are helping these people, but it’s not an overnight deal. It takes time to dig past the top layer of their present life to reach the inner layer of their past life – the reason they are where they are now.

Some of us are stronger than others, and can handle hardships and difficulties, and deaths. Some are not so fortunate in their ways and fall short of being able to overcome.

Homeless, beggars, hungry people have been with us for centuries. And there never seems to be an answer.

If I may suggest: people who have family members (even friends) that need help – please help them. Sometimes people only need a backup for a short time. If they can’t or don’t pay you back, hey, your blessings are waiting for you from heaven. You will be blessed if you give from your heart without expecting payback. If you are asked for your shirt, give your cloak also (in bible).

Remember family is family, which means — stay together; help each other, no matter what the conditions are. You’re responsible for each other, not just for yourself.

Love your neighbor! This means your family too!

I remember when Sundays were family days. What happened? Let’s bring Sundays back again. Bring families back again. Let’s have a family day again. Let’s enjoy each other and get to know each other again!

March 2015

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