by Sally

We, as normal people, do not know how blessed we are in so many different ways. Going about our daily routine, not giving a second thought to our health – our abilities to do the things we want and love to do.

Last week I sat with a woman as she went through five hours of dialysis treatment three times a week. As I sat there, looking at the other people going through their treatments, I was so thankful that I do not have to go through that. I thanked the Lord for the healing of my body, my heart. Oh, I could make quite a long list, from the common cold to cancer to congestive heart failure.

We take each day of our lives so much for granted, and some of us never consider what our lives would be like if our health, or that of one of our family members, took a turn for the worse.

Pray to the Lord and thank him each day for the blessings you receive, and the good health of your body, and your family’s health.

March, 2013

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