Hamburger? What hamburger?!

By Sally

Carl’s Jr’s food ads are showing a woman in a bikini eating their hamburger. This I take as not pleasing to my food senses. I love their hamburgers, but am strongly considering leaving Carl’s Jr foods off my menu.

To go to using sex advertisement, using women as a target of “eye catching” they are really not merchandising their food, and I object!

It seems that now, almost all advertisements have bikini-clad women. Has our society really slipped that low in our thinking? Are they selling the women as a sex shot or the product? If the product is good enough, they don’t need the bikini!

Where is the respect women deserve? Women are not there to be gazed at as sex symbols. They are God’s creation for man as a wife. Not for the filling of someone’s lustful eye. Surely there is another way to sell the product.

The use of women in that way can be rejected by the people – women of respect and their husbands, families, etc, by refusing to purchase the product. Maybe by doing this, women will once again be looked upon with respect, not lust!

June 2015