Getting Older?

By Sally

I was watching a program the other night about science. Now science is to find reasons – why things grow, live, what causes disease, and so forth. I was amazed at what I saw and heard. Science was now creating instead of answering questions as to how and why.

They are creating super humans, now called “trans-humans”, by changing the DNA of a person with a microchip, to give them super human powers – strength, like superman right out of the comic books, and to live to 600 years old, like gods! Really!? Would you want to live 600 years? If time keeps running out on you and you don’t have enough time to get things done, well maybe that’s your answer! Not for me! I can learn to regulate my time better. But for 600 years – what would there be left to do? Or see?

Can you imagine being married for 600 years? Or going to work for 600 years? We can hardly wait to retire now at 65 or 70. But to say, “Oh, I’ll retire when I get 400 years old and have 200 years to travel and enjoy my life. Really? Of course by that time travel would be by space shuttle. But honestly, how many times would you travel to the moon and visit with the “man” or count the stars?

Scientists are already experimenting with rats – and a few humans too! With just a small microchip they want to change your DNA key. They talk about our population now – how crowded would it be if everyone lived to 600? And how long can they multiply? Can you imagine yourself being 400 years old and pregnant? (I don’t think so.)

But no matter what people do or what science develops, there will always be one stronger, more powerful and in control than anyone or thing could ever be. Yep! It’s God! He created us and He can un-create us if he wants. There are things now in this world that are totally against His plan. But He is letting them go. Waiting for a special time – His time, not ours. The years and centuries are not His, but ours to contend with. Would you really want to celebrate your 600th birthday – still working, cleaning house, grocery shopping, mopping floors, going to work? Really, what would be the benefit of being 600 years old? None that I can think of, unless it’s in peace with the Lord, enjoying His blessings (which we can do now). Just think about it. What would you want your future to be like? To retire at 65-70 or 400?

Start studying the stars and universe now, and planning your retirement. Will your first trip be to the Milky Way or Mars?

July 2016