By Sally

One (or I should say some) of the most important things you can do for yourself is to take care of your body. We take vitamins daily – that’s good! But are they true vitamins or a portion with a lot of fillers – things we really don’t need.

An important essential in our system is protein. It helps, and does things we aren’t aware of. In fact, I just found out yesterday the real job and necessity of protein – the role it plays in healing our damaged areas and so much more. For instance, if the protein in our body is in one area and there is a need, a more critical need, for it in another part of our system, the protein gathers its resources from other parts and hits the area where it’s needed most. When it gathers from all parts, sometimes the body is weakened and we experience different sensations. Like maybe a weakness in our muscles. Therefore we need to make sure our protein level is what we need. Our doctors don’t check protein levels along with our B-12, iron and so on.

One way of getting a balance and to hold on to the levels in our system is through an alternative medicine doctor. This may sound scary and really get you wondering if it’s true or right as to what they (the doctors) are doing. But they check into areas of your system your regular doctor doesn’t, and may take you to visit several different doctors to find out.

To get some more thoughts, you can read magazines on all different health issues and help through “life extension” magazines.

If you can’t locate one (definitely not in your doctor’s office), call 1-800-544-4440, or on the internet, visit

The articles and information in these books are amazing. Also you can get a lot of the vitamins and pills mentioned in the magazines at Whole Foods markets.

The products shown in the books are not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, but are a help aid for better healing and a much healthier body.

They are an enormous step towards a better life. The articles in these magazines also give references where you can check them out.

October 2016