Friend or Foe

By Sally

Oh friend or foe
tell me where art thee
so I would know
what way to paint the arrow of my love.

Which direction should I go
to see thee in my eyesight
that I may see the arrow of my
thoughts come upon you?

As a flash of love – yet so close to anger
for I beseech thee
oh the one of my attention
that you would set yourself in my eyesight
so I may show you my intention.

Praise be glory! Oh my God
that my anger has turned to love
and forgiveness has filled my heart.

For you, oh friend of mine, shall no longer
feel my hurt and anger – but be filled
with the love that has overtaken my heart.

For our God of Glory – peace and love has
put His arms around me and told me that He
loved me and filled me with such
feelings that there is no room for anger
within my heart.

As I beseech thee, oh friend, to forgive me of my wrong direction.

April 2017