by Sally

We all make a lot of mistakes as we go through life – but we’re supposed to learn by our faults – and we are haunted by them throughout our life span. Even though we push them back into our mind’s safe zone, something along the way reminds us of our errors.

There is no turning back the time and redoing those mistakes. But there are those who will not forget, and look for the day to remind you of your error. I speak to those who are waiting to say, “You did” or “You said.” I humbly feel for your hurt. But there’s no “feeling better” in the time when you can say “remember” because a lot of times we don’t remember. Not by choice, but by our hurt, that the moment is tucked away into that “safe zone” and we really don’t remember. And all the time you are the only one who ends up hurting by not letting go and forgiving. You cannot be forgiven of your errors if you don’t forgive ours.

June, 2012

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