by Sally

What God has promised is really ours – if we ask for it – and believe, we will receive what we ask for without a doubt. We need to stand strong in faith – on everything.

The economy of this nation and many others won’t be the same in a few years. People won’t have anyone to turn to because everyone will be in the same situation. It is coming, people, yes, it is coming.

“What?” you ask.

A change that we’ve all asked for, but not in the way we wanted – a desolate, earth-shaking change – where all people will be involved, not just the poor, but also the rich. A situation where there will be no one to turn to – except one – God – Jesus – our savior.

Just call on Him – His name is Jesus – and He will help you.

Oh, you can call me a bible thumping so & so, go right ahead. But when all this does come about – and it will – I’ll stand in faith with God.

February, 2013

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