Extra Time

by Sally

I am a volunteer and I see many things I don’t understand. People infected and dying of cancer, people with numerous health problems. I wonder: Where did all of this come from? In my lifetime I have never heard so much of the dominant sicknesses that are taking the lives of so many, and yet I know that there are a lot that are being healed.

So I wonder: Those that are healed, what are they doing in response to being healed? Are they sitting around in their new lease on life not doing anything different? Are they thanking the Lord for a new chance, an extension on their life? How were they before they were sick? How are they now? Are they the same? They should not be the same. They should be so filled with joy for their second chance! Get down on your knees and thank our God almighty for your healing, and ask Him what He wants you to do. You’d be surprised at the answer. Or maybe you’ve known the answer for a while and just kept pushing it aside thinking you don’t have the time. Oh, but you have been given the time. The extra time on your life has been given to you; use it with care, for you don’t know how much extra you have been given.

Do you do all the things you’ve been dreaming of? Or do you help those whose dreams will never be possible – those who have no help, no family, no future, no extra time, whose existence lay in the need of a medication?

You can pray. Prayer is heavy – it carries a heavy weight. Storms, tornados, other catastrophes have been turned because of prayer. You can turn the attacks of cancer, leukemia, etc. By your prayers you can change your life! What’s stopping you? You have an extension of life. Why not use the gift of prayer that has been given to you? Think about it. What are you doing, really doing, with your life?

So many times we see these things and say, “What a shame,” and walk away. Is that all you can do? How long afterwards do you think of what you saw? 1 minute? 30 seconds? Sometimes all that’s needed from you is a smile, a hug, a conversation. Not much needed, but that “not much” can last a long time with that person. Be a little more free with yourself. Give a little. Even if it shows no return it will do an enormous explosion to the one receiving your kindness. Remember the saying, “A little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down”? Well, your kindness is that little bit of sugar.

August, 2012

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