Entertaining Angels

By Sally

I recently had to take an emergency trip back home (Ohio). This is not the time of year to go from 70+ degrees climate to a snow-covered life – even for a visit. But this was an emergency and I really had no choice.

I called my friend and asked her to get me the quickest flight out (this was about 9:30 am). She soon called back and said my plane was leaving at 12:45. “WOW!” I thought. I was getting things together and still in my PJs, so I called my daughter, who happened to be close by at the time, and asked her to come over and help me pack, which she did. Well, I threw my thermals and other things at her, and she put them in my suitcase.

She drove me to the airport and I made it to the plane, after my daughter called for a wheelchair for me to make sure I would get there in time to board.

I sat next to a nice man who seemed pleasant. He didn’t say much, but was very polite. I was happy with that.

After flying a short while, I was getting hungry and in my mind I said, “I wish I had something to eat, even a cookie.” I knew the stewardess would probably bring some drinks, and most likely crackers or pretzels, but was really getting hungry as I had not tome to eat anything. After thinking to myself, I could enjoy a cookie (to myself, in my thoughts, not out loud), the man bent over and pulled out a bag from his things and said, “I have cookies. Would you like one?”

“Oh my gosh!” I thought. “Yes!” I said. Then he said, “I have some candy, too.” Funny as it sounds, the words of my mom popped into my mind, “Don’t take candy from a stranger.”” But I felt at ease with this man, and ate a couple of his cookies.

We then got to talking. We were headed for Chicago. He was going to Indiana and I was going to Cleveland. We both had about half an hour to catch our flights. However, mine was in another terminal.

After getting off the plane and asking for a wheelchair to get to the other terminal, they said I should have called ahead. About that time, the man I sat with came over and talked with them and they called for a wheelchair, and I ended up hopping on the terminal car that took me to my flight.

Now this man had his own flight to catch, but he made time and effort to make sure I caught my plane. How awesome is that!

When I got to Cleveland they had a wheelchair waiting for me to take me where my family was picking me up.

It was an unexpected trip, although for about a month, I kept getting the feeling I should take a trip home (even though Tucson is my home, I still call where I grew up home), but didn’t have any set reason to go, so I just waited. Then I got the phone call and all things went into action and just fell into place.

I laughed at my family when they said, “Where are your boots?” I said, “I don’t need them.” Even though I had a good warm jacket, they gave me another to wear plus a cap and gloves (I had brought my own but they weren’t up to their standards). So each day I was bundled up like a little kid going out to play in the snow.

It was beautiful to see the snow and things covered in white. There were even some wild turkeys that showed up in the yard, and some deer. It was very nice to watch them.

Everyone treated me very well. I even got a chance to visit a school friend I used to pal around with. I was well fed and taken care of, but wanted to return to Arizona – Tucson – which has been my home for more than 40 years now.

It was nice to see everyone, but I was really happy to get back.

January 2018