Dreams or Imagination – ?

By Sally

We have a lot of different names for things we receive – either through dreams, imagination, or just our thoughts. And we need to be able to realize if they will build us or harm us. Not all we receive benefits us.

But we need to consider that some of these are clues from God, directing us in ways to improve our abilities, abilities we would never know we had unless we were tested.

Life is like putting a puzzle together. We find one match and look hard to find another piece to connect so we can have a better picture of what our life is to be – the complete picture. And, by the way, you will hardly ever have a complete picture. It would take away all the fight and choices only you can make that in the end strengthen and give you better insight into yourself, rising the gifts that were instilled in you while being formed in the womb, traits from your ancestors, and wisdom that comes from trials.

Have you ever done something that you had no idea how to do, but you did it perfectly? And when you were done, you thought, “How did I ever do that?”

Every time we are tested with road blocks, stop signs, or rivers to cross, we are being tested to improve ourselves, not to tear us down. We grow each time in the understanding of our capabilities, that we had no idea we had. Our hidden treasures, like finding a gold nugget in a dry desert.

May 2018