Don’t Put Down the Older Group!

by Sally

So many times we put older people aside, kind of making them a “different society.” Considering their age, beliefs and their thinking – we (the younger group) seem to think they (the older group) just don’t understand our ways – they just don’t fit in.

Guess what? If you can convince yourself to spend a few moments (open minded) with the “older group,” you would be surprised at the interesting and enjoyable time you can have with them.

This past week I spent time with a 95 year old who is more active and enjoyable than some of the “enjoyable group” we associate with. And I also spent time with a very enjoyable lady of 100 years of age. She can fit into any conversation with no problem. And not to ignore the 95 year old, that although they both are at an amazing age, they are so right on top of all things. I love them bot. And I know that you too can have an extraordinary experience with the elderly by dropping all your set ways and ideas, and letting them give you a new experience.

All you need to do is give the elderly a chance, listen to the crazy things they did at your age, and soon you’ll be laughing right along with them, and looking forward to meeting them another time. After all, you’re not the only one who tried to be different. I actually believe some of these elderly can top your stories without batting an eyelash. (How’s that for an old saying?)

They (the older group) are part of life and we are all headed in the same direction. So enjoy yourself now so when you become a member of the “older group” you’ll have some enjoyable memories to look back on, and talk about, and enjoy all over again.

November, 2012

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