Doctor — Doctor?

By Sally

I would like to bring to your attention a new way of healing – for any problem, any age.

The term used is “muscle testing.” It’s not actually testing your muscles, but talking to your body. It’s a form of alternative medicine., the voice of health, has an article on arthritis, cancer, all health problems, even your pet’s problems. And, yes, there are doctors here in town that are doing it.

The doctor I go to, along with seven of my friends, has a good hold on the way it’s done. Although he’s a chiropractor and does adjustments, he also does muscle testing. All of my friends and I are improving in health without taking medicine. One friend is cancer free.

A lot of our problems start from generations back. We forget that along with some of our ancestor’s looks, come their genes, habits, etc. If you often wonder how you excel in some things or are more interested in other things, it’s your ancestral genes.

There are awesome magazines that explain so much of your health problems and the simple helps, or cures, that are available. They are called “life extension.” Some helps are so simple and inexpensive that we are not told of them because the pharmaceutical business would be hurt. Things doctors know about but don’t tell the patients, because of the dollar factor.

I could write several pages on this and never cover one problem totally. But there are proven, non-toxic, therapies that are available and we are not told about them.

The title of one report is “Reversing Arthritis with the Jaffe-Mellor Technique” by Larry Triviere. Through muscle testing, acupressure (not acupuncture) and specialized techniques in diagnosis and treatment. You do get dietary supplements, all natural, at a very low cost.

I’m not giving my doctor’s name because I know he’ll be inundated. But go online and check out alternative medicine categories. And I know if you start with this type of healing, you will be greatly surprised. And – oh yes—some of my friends who have been going to this doctor have been able to get off some of their medicine.

May 2016