Danny the Bee Watcher

by Sally

Danny was very inquisitive, as all children are in their years of growing and learning. But Danny had a fascination for bees, ever since he saw one resting and flying around the beautiful flowers his mother had growing. Danny wondered where they went after they left the flowers and what they ate!

One morning Danny woke up very early. The sun was just coming up when he thought, “If I go to the flowers and wait, maybe I can see where the bees come from and where they go!” So Danny jumped out of bed and got dressed, then quietly went downstairs and outside to wait for the bees to show up.

After a few moments Danny fell asleep in the grass next to the flowers. As the sun came up higher in the sky the bees started to come and fly around the flowers, with Danny fast asleep.

About an hour later Danny’s mother found him curled up on the grass. Surprisingly, the bees were all around him, flying over his head, touching his hair, and singing to him with their high hums and the low hums, then flying into the flowers.

His mother tapped Danny and said, “Wake up Danny. Wake up.”

Upon hearing his mother’s voice, he opened his eyes and saw the bees around the flowers.

“Why are you out here?” asked his mother.

“I wanted to see where the bees came from and go after they fly to the flowers,” said Danny.

His mother helped him up carefully not to disturb the bees and took him inside the house.

“Where do they go? Where do they come from?” Danny asked his mom.

She went to the bookshelf and got a book on all small creatures and read it to Danny. With his eyes wide open he pleaded, “Can I go to the bee farm? Can I go?”

“Yes,” said Danny’s mother.

About a week later, Danny’s mother took him to a bee farm where he saw thousands of bees and learned all about them. He still watches them on the flowers and talks to them, letting them know that he knows all about them because he’s been to the bee farm!

March, 2012

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