Cute Things

By Sally

I was driving home just at the time the young children were let out of school for the day and their parents were picking them up.

With Halloween being the next day, the little ones were in their treasured costumes, with their parents holding onto their hands. It was so cute to see them walking alongside, taking their short, quick steps to keep up with Mommy or Daddy.

Then it caught my eye – a daddy had picked up his child from school and didn’t walk with him. He put his pride and joy on top of his shoulders, and there sat the little one, cape flowing down Daddy’s back and a large grin across the face of a very, very happy child.

We are blessed with our little ones. Oh yes, at times we would like to be in a silent, quiet place. But when you look into the face – the eyes of your own flesh staring back at you – how can you resist loving such a wonderful loving part of you?

Love your child no matter what age. Love them and tell them. Show it, not by gifts from stores, but with the best gift of all. Show your love, the love from your heart, the heart you both share.

November 2017