My Cruise Vacation – Chapter 1

by Sally

Three years ago my brother decided he wanted to celebrate his 80th birthday with a family reunion cruise.

He called me and told me of his plans and wanted me to go along. I’ve never been to any of his reunions and it would be an opportunity for me to meet his children (total of 8), their children, and their children’s children, plus boyfriends.

I thought that was a wonderful idea, but told him I couldn’t go because I don’t and wouldn’t have the money. A little later he called me back and told me he would pay my way since they had 3 years to save. Naturally I said, “Yes! I’ll go.”

Every once in awhile he’d call me to remind – ask – if I’m staying healthy – which is a question I could very easily ask him as we both had heart conditions.

At first I wasn’t too sure I wanted to go. But then I decided it was the only way to get a paid vacation out of the hands of my work where they couldn’t reach me. (I am a care giver and believe me sometimes the needs are more than you can handle.) But if you’re in the middle of the ocean there’s no way they can call and expect you to be there.

Big brother paid for my plane fare and cruise fare. The only thing I had to pay for was anything I bought extra. That’s the way to take a vacation.

I love my job, but don’t get much time off, and this cruise was a blessing made in heaven. Through the next few weeks I’ll tell all about the enjoyment and misery I endured.

My brother was a little up tight when he tried to sign up for some of the sightseeing excursions. When they told him he was too old his reply was, “What am I supposed to do – take a sightseeing ride on a bus with all the old people?”

I’ll tell you more later!

January 8, 2014

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