by Sally

Remember when almost everything (clothing) was made of polyester. It didn’t need ironing, wore really long, but it was hot and sometimes very uncomfortable, especially in 100+ temperatures. Then it went away. A lot of us said “Yea,” and it almost became a dirty word.

But it’s back in the blends, cotton/rayon/nylon/spandex/polyester. It’s almost impossible to find an article of clothing of pure cotton, cotton only. It’s now cotton/polyester, cotton/rayon, etc. and spandex (to help hold in our unwanted features). Will we ever get back to basics and have 100% cotton?

There, I had to get that off my mind.

I bought a nightgown, 97% cotton and polyester blend. I woke up during the night sweating, very warm. Changed into my old gown and cooled down!

Why is it necessary to blend? This is one of those times I’d like it to be the “good ole times.” Just plain cotton!

June, 2012

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