By Sally

The extreme heat we’ve had has left its effects on a lot of things besides our bodies.

I have a huge fig tree, loaded with figs. But the sun we’ve had has ripened the figs before they had a chance to fully grow. What used to give me tomato-sized figs is now producing plum size – quite a difference, even with continual watering day and night. The tree itself is doing okay, but the fruit is suffering.

You know, as I write this, it brings to mind the people of this nation, and not only this nation, but of the world. We grow with the provisions of the earth, but when we get too much of one thing it unbalances us and we suffer in one way or another. Even though we get constant care from parents, family and doctors, we still can’t stop the impact other things have on us – like financial, health, needed necessities, etc. I think you get my line of thought.

Physical things are very important, but things we can’t see or tough are also important – like prayer or belief in the Lord to help us in rough times. These are all invisible until they appear tangent us in one way or another, sometimes in “coincidences” – which really are not.

I’m sure if you stop to think of things that have happened to you unexpectedly, and the outcome you will recall some of the so-called “coincidences” that occurred in your life really were not – just the timing of what the Lord had lined up for you in answer to your needs and prayers.

So, anyway, what good did the sun do to the figs? It kept them from the locust invasion I had last year, and still gave me a god supply of fruit – maybe not as big, but still edible and healthy.

Give your life a moment of thought and you’ll recall a certain moment of two in your life – and thank the Lord for your provision.

Take care.

July 2017