by Sally

Do you often watch a program and find yourself wandering off into memory lane? With things coming into your mind that you had not thought of in years, or hardly at all. But the story you’ve watched returned you to a moment of your past or a dream that you had, when you were younger, and put it aside.

How many times did you think or say, “If I could have followed through that — where would I be now?” There are many times we were given opportunities to stretch our wings and head down a different road of life and for some reason didn’t. Or perhaps you did, and wondered if you made the right choice, an answer that may never come to us, but if it does it’s many years later.

So many of us think of our present situation as an outcome, a result of the way we were raised or of the choices we made when we were younger. But, you know, no matter where we are today in life, it probably isn’t much different than we would have been if we took the turn in the road or went straight. There are so many circumstances involved in our decision making that it’s hard to set a straight and direct route in our lives. And even when some do (although they may not admit it) they wonder how things could be different.

We were given the gift to make choices, and so we did. Some good, some bad, but we are the ones who made those choices, and we are not the only ones affected by our choices. I guess what I’m getting at is, for you to sit back and think of where you’ve been, what you’ve done, how you are, and what you are. If you feel sorry for yourself, get over it. Remember it was your choice. But if you feel sorry for those you’ve hurt, there’s still time to ask for forgiveness. Once again, it is your choice.

October, 2012

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