Checking In

by Sally

In my church (which is now a home-based group church) we adopted certain terms from other home church groups. “Checking in” is a term used in sharing with one another on a heart level. Learning to listen well to your own heart – to each others’ hearts, and to the heart of Jesus (through the coach – the Holy Spirit), and to help others to do the same.

The home church is based on the churches or gatherings from the bible, when people met in their homes to learn, praise and worship, and went to the temples perhaps once a month.

Home church is an uplifting experience, bringing people closer and more open and alert to not only their own needs, but the needs of others.

Church is not a building – but church is you. I’m not telling you to attend church, but if you have an opportunity to experience a home church, by all means do. Remember, just because you visit doesn’t mean you are obligated to join.

So many times I’ve gone to church – the same church – for years, sitting in the same seat each time, next to the same people, and never even knew their names or spoke a word. Being in a church like that actually puts a limit on being helpful to one another. As it says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Yes – those people you sit by time after time, are actually your neighbors!

“Checking in” a person shares one or more words that most describe the present condition of their heart level (you share the level of vulnerability you are comfortable with). The acronym SASHET is Sad-Angry-Scared-Happy-Excited-Tender, or any other term you would put your feelings under.

Home group church is something you can’t experience in a regular, conventional church. Once again, if you have a chance to visit, please do. It is an experience.

September 3, 2013

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