Catch the Cat

By Sally

I was called by my brother to come home and help take of my mother. She had a heart problem since she was born.

Talking to my mom, I decided to go. For how long, I didn’t know. I just started two jobs and wasn’t at either one long enough to get a leave. So I terminated my employment, left my home, gave my precious car (a 1952 Cadillac which I inherited from my aunt, called my tank) to my daughter (which was good since she needed a car) and went home (where I really didn’t care to go). It was winter in Ohio! The place I left to escape the snow was calling me back. I had a Siamese cat that I took with me. Getting some pills from the vet to calm the cat for the trip wasn’t hard; giving them to the cat was something else.

While at the airport, the cat started to come out of the sedation, letting out the famous Siamese yell, “MEOWWWW.” I gave my daughter’s boy friend part of another pill (after he volunteered) and he took the cat into the bathroom. After a spell he finally came back, and the cat was once again quiet.

Siamese cats are tough fighters and a very, very protective animal.

Realizing I would be there longer than I had thought, I started to look for employment, as I had bills to pay and no income (this is where catching the cat comes in; just wait!) While working, one of the men came and asked me if I would like another Siamese cat. I said, “Sure.” Then he said, “He belonged to a lady who passed away and no one will touch the cat. We’ll have to go to her home and catch him.” I took the carrier I had, and we went to her apartment.

On the way over, I was told this cat attacked the grocery man one day when the lady came home from shopping. He was carrying the groceries behind her and the cat saw the man and attacked him, protecting the lady.

We opened the door and looked around for the cat. Soon we heard a loud angry growl. We looked around and then up toward the ceiling. There he was, hanging from the swaying ceiling light.

The men put on leather gloves, and tried to catch the cat. The cat jumped off the lamp and led them on a fast and furious chase around the room.

After finally catching the cat and getting it into the carrier, we were able to sit and relax for a moment. I looked at the cat and said, “Do you want to go home with me?” The cat boldly, loud and very clearly replied, “Noooo!” We all looked at each other and asked, “Did you hear that?” We were astonished ho clearly the word “no” came out.

When I got him home, I decided to leave him in the carrier for a while to rest. In the meantime, I gave a little food to him through the wires and a small cup of water. After I noticed he was eating a little, I started to put a little sedation from the pills I got from the vet into his food.

Soon he was relaxed and I moved him into the bathtub, which had glass sliding doors. Covering the bottom of the tub with paper and putting in water, I placed him in the tub and closed the doors.

I continued keeping him relaxed, feeding him, petting him and talking to him. After a week or two I stopped the sedation and let him be himself. Soon I was able to pick him up and carry him. He and my cat got along beautifully – a wonderful relationship resulting in three kittens.

July 2014

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