Cat Attitudes

By Sally

To update you, I have three cats – one was mine originally that I got from the humane shelter, a blue tabby, Frankie. Two I acquired from my friend who got married and her husband likes cats but is allergic to them. So, yes I took them into my home. There is YoYo, a small black & white, very friendly, and Brandy, a big red.

Each day is an experience with them. Even though I’ve had them for almost three years now, Frankie is still doing his territory thing, like, “This is my cat box; you can’t use it.” But they do, which makes Frankie more determined to make other rules, also which they don’t keep. And, oh yes, they have made their rules too. There’s a line to get to the food (even though there are 2 food servers), and naturally Frankie is at the end of the line.

As humans, we all have things that set us off in little miffs. So do my cats. Frankie hates it when I tell him to be nice when he’s playing very rough, and I get the look of a mad cat when he hears that. He shows his “I don’t want to be nice” attitude. He thinks he owns the house and makes the rules. And he won’t look at me when I remind him it’s my house and I make the rules.

This morning Frankie trapped YoYo in the bathroom, as I sat and watched. Brandy got up and walked into the bathroom and plopped himself between Frankie and YoYo, like a dare. “You leave my Friend alone.”

After a bit, YoYo decided she wanted out of the bathroom, still guarded by Frankie. Brandy tried to stop her, actually holding up and waving her paws at her. But YoYo decided she was going for it, and did her cute two-foot leap and went over Brandy and kind of bounced off Frankie!

Well, that set Frankie off, and the chase was on again. Only this time YoYo turned to Frankie and stopped him in his tracks, telling him, “I’m not taking this anymore.”

After that they soon settled down. The morning excitement was over. Once again the house became quiet and all went to sleep.

August 2018