Cancer Free!

By Sally

When I was afflicted with cancer, I had a lot of stress going on. I was doing the best I could, but due to the turmoil my cancer genes flared up. You know we all have those genes in our bodies. They react to different situations. Stress is high on the list, along with family history.

Anyway, I woke up one morning and through my, you might say “intuition,” I was urged to check my breast. Wow, I lay in bed for a while thinking about what I found. It was mind-boggling! I called my doctor and told him what I found, and was told to come right in.

This was many years ago, before the new detection capabilities they have now. The doctor examined and x-rayed – found nothing. He tried to get a biopsy – nothing. Everything they did came up nothing. But he set me on a schedule for check-ups and emergency calling.

About a month went by and I started getting pain. I told the doctor and he advised aspirin and to call if it increased. After a week the pain increased greatly. I called the doctor and told him the pain was so severe I couldn’t take it anymore. So he called me in for a check-up.

My daughter and I went in and before we got there I told her I wanted at least two diagnoses.

The doctor checked me and said I needed an operation immediately – like today! I looked at my daughter (I was in great pain) and she told him I wanted another opinion. The doctor said there was really no time, and if I waited they had the right to refuse to take me back. This was a military doctor at Davis-Monthan.

My daughter asked me if I still wanted a second opinion. I said yes. Within an hour we were at UMC and saw a cancer doctor there. He confirmed. So we went back to Davis-Monthan and the doctor took me right in, prepared me, and away I went to the operating room!

I was told later that even though the test showed nothing, a tumor the size of a peach was there! Wow! Stop and think about that

Anyway, each morning when I woke I was very hesitant to move. When I looked in the mirror I cried. I cried so had and long I exhausted myself and went back to bed. This went on for on, maybe two weeks, while I was in and out of the doctor’s office. One night when my daughter and her husband were out, I looked in the mirror and stared at myself. After a few moments, I said to myself, “You look awful! Clean yourself up and get out for a bit.” I washed my face, combed my hair and went down the street to get a Dairy Queen! That was the start of my recovery.

I went back to work about a month later, but had to go through chemotherapy. I would go to work, leave early, get the therapy, and go home. I couldn’t believe how many young people were there getting treatment. I started to lose my hair, so I got a wig from the Red Cross, and later bought another one. I had a blonde wig and a brown wig.

I received almost all of the treatments, but came to a point of not being able to tolerate them any longer. I told the doctor I wanted to stop. “You only have a short time more to go,” he said. “If you stop you’ll have to get radiation.” I took the radiation. In the meantime I was being checked each month to make sure there was no more cancer.

At that time they didn’t have radiation pin-pointed like they do now. I mean this was like 35 years ago. The radiation affected my heart. After being checked every month, then 3-6 months yearly for five years, I was pronounced cancer free!

My hair grew back, and I’ve learned to live with my loss. But you know, I’m still alive, and in pretty good condition.

I’m writing this because I know there are a lot of cancer patients in this world, and in this town. But life is still there. There’s more to treatments now than 35 years ago.

It can be overcome. If you feel there’s something wrong, get it checked out immediately. Don’t wait! Your life is in your hands. There are many prayer groups out there now to pray for you, even in the cancer centers. They realize medicine is not the only cure. God created us and He can and will heal us. So put your health into the hands of your doctor and the Lord. Don’t take it upon yourself to assume that it’s only an ache; or it’s too late. It’s never too late for the Lord! Believe me, I know! What have you got to lose?!

I’m alive, leading a normal life, going strong, and so can you!

August 2015