Bored? Try This

by Sally

If you are home all the time and have regular chores to do, try something different to break loose of those daily run-of-the-mill tasks.

I like to experiment – with seeds. Whenever I eat some fruit or vegetable, I save the seeds (yes, from flowers too).

As it says in the bible, a seed must die to grow again – how true. I’ve jumped the gun a couple of times and didn’t even get a leaf or twig, only to have it mold and have to throw it out.

After the seed is totally dried (after several days to two weeks) you can start your experiment. Put it in a little water and keep an eye on it for signs of it coming back to life. Got a twig off a tree? That will do too. Put it in some water and watch the roots grow.

After a good head of roots and leaves, get ready to plant in a small pot with good soil. Water regularly, only do not drown it. Soon you’ll see the product of the seed or twig start to get stronger. And soon you’ll be putting it in a bigger pot, and bigger, and then into your yard or one of those huge pots for your patio, balcony or porch.

Believe me, after the first one you’ll get hooked to start more.

Oh, yes! You need (don’t laugh) to talk to it and pet its leaves. You’d be surprised of the difference it’ll make.

I have flowers, trees, etc. growing from seeds, and sometimes I don’t remember what they are till they get bigger.

I had three hot pepper plants growing on my patio. Some animal came along and ate one. But you know – it never came back for seconds.

September 21, 2013

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