By Sally

Do you know that when you tell someone about a good doctor, or medicine, or well, anything, and that helps that person, you are blessed because you didn’t keep that information to yourself. You passed it on. But when that information is passed on to another by the first person, once again you are blessed, and so is the one who passed it on. Andy your blessings keep coming each time it is passed to another.

It could be something you read about, or saw on television. No matter how you came across the information, if you pass it along and it helps someone, guess what!? Yes! You are blessed! Each time! Doesn’t that make you want to tell everything you know? (Well, every helpful thing.)

Blessings can come in so many different ways – a good buy – a good day – help in your daily activities – a helpful hint back to you – many ways. If you stop and realize when something just “comes together” that is a blessing. But then you need to say “Thank you” for that blessing, and more will come to you. Don’t forget to pass it along so those blessings will keep coming. Before you know it, your days will be full of joy and blessings.

June 2014

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