Beckon To Me

by Sally

I know that at one time or another you have seen or heard something that just beckoned to you – called out your name loud and clear. You say to yourself, “Oh my gosh! That’s me! That’s where I want to be” or “I hear the melody or beat of that song, it just goes right through me – it sends tingles up and down my spine.”

You stand quietly and drink in the view, knowing, somehow, somewhere, you had been there, or you will be there, because that’s where you’re supposed to be.

Many give up their jobs, their lives, and yes, even their families to find their utopia and many actually succeed in finding it. But what is it that turns us on so strongly that we take that big step to leave everything behind and sail off to never never land? What actually beckons to us in such a way to search for our “dream” life? Is it the unhappiness we have, the hardships we go through, disappointments? Maybe it’s just the wonder lust that was put in us at the time of birth – you know, your parents’ saying, “I wonder if this is a boy or girl – I wonder.”

January, 2012

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