Bad Dream

by Sally

I was in a hallway when I came upon a door marked “Keep Out.” My curiosity got the best of me. As I turned the door knob I wondered if I should prepare myself for an attack, or maybe some strange horrible creature would jump out at me.

Slowly I turned the door knob and edged my head into the space the opened door had provided. An unusual odor came out and I quickly pulled back and shut the door wondering, “What was that?” Once again I began to open the door, sticking my hand in to find a light switch. I felt the rough texture of the wall, but no light switch.

Opening the door wider, I entered in, step by step, unable to see anything. I stood still for a few moments to gather my senses and that same smell came to me again, only in a stronger odor. Trying to recognize the smell, all sorts of things came to my mind, “Is it the smell of some chemical? Is this a secret laboratory or is it the smell of – of – oh no!” I thought to myself, “Not a dead body!”

Turning to leave, I took two steps and stumbled over something. Falling on my knees, I stayed there a few moments, then very slowly moved on my hands and knees across the floor, hoping I was heading in the right direction – towards the door. The floor was damp as if something had been spilled, and it was sticky. At that point I couldn’t tell which way I came in and started to go forward, hoping I was moving in the right direction to get out of here!

Moving forward, I came against a wall. I stood up with my hands outstretched on the wall trying to find a door, or a light switch, or anything, anything to get me out of there! As I moved along the wall I heard voices – I listened for a moment and then called out, “Help! Get me out of here! Help me!” Then I listened again. I heard nothing. “Where did they go?” I wondered. “I heard them; they must have heard me! But where did they go?”

Then the door opened and I saw the image of two men just standing in the doorway. “Help me,” I shouted. “Help me to get out of here!” as I moved toward the door, still unable to see. One man said to the other, “Did you hear that? Arnold is playing his old tricks again.” The man shouted out, “Sorry Arnold, not this time,” and they closed the door. I was totally confused, only to hear my alarm go off to wake me up. I got out of bed, went to the bathroom, only to notice my hands covered with blood!

Sept 10, 2011

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