by Sally

We have become so money and time conscious that we have messed with the normal rate of growing in our food supplies. Our meat and fowl are being treated with hormones to make them grow faster, to lay more eggs, to step up production, so they can get to the supermarkets for resale and put that money in the pockets of, not the farmers, but everyone down the line to the sale of the product. Resulting in our health being affected by the animal hormones.

I can’t stop wondering if all the cancer, leukemia, and other illnesses aren’t a product of those items that contain the hormones given to the animals by the people who are so intent on making money, not realizing the danger they are passing along to the people who eat those marketed products.

There has been more and more cancer, leukemia, heart problems, ulcers, infections, from bacteria in our food and our water. We need to be more alert and informed about our food we buy at the market. Going organic can help, reading labels also can inform us. We need to become more aware of our food safety. Find out what those long names in the content list really are. Take the time to stop and read those labels before you buy. You might be surprised.

Also our cleaning products have chemicals that could affect our breathing.

And Heads Up! When you are in the hospital, ask what those pills are that they bring to you. Some may be for something you don’t have! It’s happened to me and others I know. Don’t be afraid to ask – it’s your privilege!

August, 2012

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