Are You Really You!

by Sally

I think that we all, at one time or another, would like to be different than what we are. Different looks – hair color, eye color – our styles, way of life. There are so many ways we have to change, not only our cosmetic appearances, but also our male-female appearance to where we can change our gender, our looks, our ways, so easily. But after all the changes we make, are we still really any different from our original self?

If we say yes, we are either the greatest actors, convincing ourselves into actually believing we were meant to be different, or we are completely deceived by the wrong voice.

One of our excuses is: “I should have been born a male/female.” God doesn’t make mistakes. But when we open the door to thoughts of going beyond just style or hair color, we open the door wide to let in wrong emotions and thoughts to take over. And that they will – take over. They come in strong and grab us at the times we feel poorly of ourselves, and the more we think that way, the stronger the wrong ideas come into our minds. So strong we actually are convinced we need to change, totally.

I don’t have any way of knowing when or what triggers these thoughts, but when or if they come, we need to wrap ourselves in God’s love and turn those feelings over to Him. After all, He did originally create us. And as I said before, God does not make mistakes. Only the devil waits for times when the doors are open for him to come in and turn your life around, totally against God’s plan, and put his plan into circulation – his plan for stopping any chance that you would become a believer in Jesus, a follower, and worship Him. Instead you will follow Satan’s plan once he has convinced you he is right, and not God.

But God leaves the choice in our hands, which doesn’t close the door forever, but opens it again when you call out to Him for forgiveness. That choice is always there – a choice of love and forgiveness.


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