Another ‘Just a Thought’

by Sally

The old saying “All work and no play” is so true. Whether you are holding down a job, working at home, or just engulfed in your daily chores, you get up, wash your faces, brush your teeth, comb your hair (those who are fortunate to still have hair – but even if you don’t you still need to wash your head!). But, anyway, after your morning routine it’s time for breakfast. Ah yes, food, that thing your stomach has been yelling for ever since you woke up. But as you see, you’ve already put some time in and haven’t begun to do what you’re expected to do (note – I said expected, not wanting). If you have time, you sit and eat your breakfast joyfully. Or maybe you just gobble down your food to get out the door.

Do you know your day doesn’t start when you wake up in the morning? It starts before you even go to bed at night. Yes it does! You plan your next day, prepare the things you’ll need and probably make notes to yourself. And if you forget to do something, be sure you’ll remember it just as you lay your head on your pillow for a good night’s sleep, or you’ll wake up at 2 am realizing you forgot to do something. It seems like your memory has no time lines to remind you of something. Just when you are about to leave the house, the memory wakes up. Did I do so & so? I better check – and back into the house to check to see if you remembered to do what you are thinking you may have forgotten to do – running yourself five minutes late, only to find out you did remember to do what you didn’t think that you remembered to do. (Are you still following me?)

But joy can come each day for just taking a few minutes to be by yourself – to be in a place in your home you enjoy and relax in. You need to have an area to call your own, where you can go and just relax, listen to some music, write a letter, or fill the need of your spirit with prayer.

Spending time with yourself can make a difference, can make you happy. And when you’re happy, your whole body responds, and even your home will emit a feeling of love, joy and peace.

Work should not be your total life, but it can be turned into a place of peace and love extending out to those around you. By bringing joy into your day you bring joy into the atmosphere around you, settling on others, which in turn will make your day more enjoyable.

April 23, 2014

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