by Sally

Why do people cringe when they hear the word “Senior”? Are they trying to avoid that word because they will be there someday? Guess what – no matter how you try to avoid the term “senior” you are headed for the word to be attached to you, automatically, no matter if you think young, run, jog, golf, etc. You will still be blessed when you enter the “senior” category in so many ways it’s amazing.

Just a few hints on where to start. Join a club. There are so many to choose from – there are free classes in various things you can take. Volunteer work (which meets with your schedule). Start a pen pal. There are senior bowling leagues, coffee clutches, tours around the city, so many I cannot list them at this time. You can call around for information. Asking around is very effective. The main thing is to get yourself out of the house. Don’t become a “rocking chair senior” and really feel the “senior” attachment on your name. Just because you are older doesn’t mean you are limited to what you can do. It means a new door is opened; a new way of life – new friends – is to begin. Grab a hold of the reins and let the enjoyment of being a “senior” invade your life.

Watch out world – here I come!

August, 2012

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