Ahh — Knowledge

By Sally

We are looking at the elections coming soon, and need to search out the candidates that are put before us.

Doesn’t it seem strange that the people who are running to be elected are never heard of until they suddenly appear on a ballot for us to put them in an office to guide our state and nation?

Yes, I have heard and learned about a few of them but only because I have a friend who is up on these things. The few I know about really over-power the others that are running. (I say that because there’s no information about the others that are on our ballot.)

I believe we need to be more informed about these candidates – about their lives, their ideas, goals, etc. After all, if we’re to be expected to vote for the best one – how can we do that without knowledge? In Hosea 4:6 of the bible it states, “My people are cut off for lack of knowledge,“ and continues to refer to their disobedience. You are given knowledge and if you feel you have none, just ask for it – “ask and it shall be given to you.”

We all need to open our eyes and ears and yes, our minds – “who are we putting into these ruling places?”

We all need to look outside the box to make good choices. Just because your family has always been Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t mean you can’t change. It’s your decision, your choice. So as I said before, step out of the box; get out and vote. Vote for the one who is qualified, experienced, not because he/she looks good, or has the same name, or reminds you of your aunt Sadie!

Use your God-given wisdom and make an effort to do the right thing – to vote – for the right candidate.

July 2014

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