By Sally

About a year ago I was standing on the steps of my front door talking on my phone when a surprise showed up. Standing in front of me was a baby javelina. It stared at me for a while and started to eat the baby fig trees I had on the patio. I softly told the baby not to eat my plants, and told the person on the phone there was a baby javelina in front of me eating my plants! Looking at me again, the baby just stood there. “Where are your mommy and daddy?” I said, “Go find your daddy.” The baby looked at me and walked away.

I continued with my phone conversation when all of a sudden the baby returned. And with it were mommy and daddy. Talk about big! All three of them stood in front of me like they were waiting for something. There were only two small steps separating us. After staring at each other a few moments, I decided it was time to go in the house. Slowly backing up to the door, I exited into my home. The three stood there for a while and then left.

There’s a wash behind the park. I guess it’s their freeway to travel.

Present time update. I have a lot (well about 3-4) cats that come to my house looking for food. I live in a mobile home park and a lot of people have cats, and some dogs. But for some reason they let the cats out (which is a no-no) and don’t feed them. I have a couple of cats myself, and always have food of course. Somehow these cats know that and come to eat. I’ve been leaving a small amount of food out for them so they would leave the birds alone. Some will lie on my steps until I see them and put food in the dish if it’s empty. At night I leave my door open and lock the screen door so my cats can look out. And even though cats are said to have excellent night vision, my cats are happy when I turn the porch light on.

As I was sitting comfortably in my chair, the cats were pleasantly looking out the door. But all of a sudden they started running around in a panic – running from room to room. I thought, “What the heck is going on?” I looked out the door and I had a return visit of the javelina, two young but big ones, eating the cat food. One was really making a pig of himself. (Oops! Sorry about that!) The other tried to get his mouth into the bowl, but was pushed away by the one stuffing himself.

I got my grandson out to see them and he was fascinated. He said he wanted to pet them. “Oh yeah,” I replied, “They’ll pet you too!”

While the one was stuffing himself (there really wasn’t that much food in the bowl, but being small pieces and sliding around the bowl, the javelina was having a difficult time getting them into its mouth), the other one was looking for some other thing to eat.

As they walked away, I thought, “Well, I guess I won’t put cat food out at night anymore. I don’t have enough to feed my cats, other cats, and the javelina too!

But, we all need to eat. For some reason, I guess by the animal pipeline, the word gets around. Instead of “Meet you at Joe’s,” it’s “See you at Sally’s.” I kind of feel blessed to have the opportunity to see the animals. They are really a joy and experience to watch.

Oh yes, I have had doves knocking at my door too! Yes, they actually knock at my door. I mean, to hear a knock, open the door, and no one is there but a dove? It gets you thinking. So when an unexpected visitor shows up at your door, enjoy it! It’s a treat! And yes, if you talk to them they will listen. How do I know? Well the animal will stand there and listen. Sometimes they will turn or cock their heads a little and blink their eyes a little. Just use a nice soft, smooth tone of voice and you’ll enjoy some of Gods creations. It’s fun!

September 2016