A Place to Go

By Sally

Many things happen in this world that are disastrous – things we don’t want to happen but do – things of nature and of human activity.

Take the islands of Hawaii for instance. They are so beautiful, lush and green, covered with multiple trees and fruits. And the waters that surround them are a beautiful, clear blue, and inhabited by many varieties of fish and beautiful coral.

Where did these islands come from? Did they just pop up one day? No. They came about through centuries – centuries of volcanic eruptions which are still happening. And the destruction of the lava goes on at the same time it is extending and building the islands.

Communities are destroyed and covered by the lava flow. And if you stand on an area where the lava has been, you can see the lava still flowing under your feet. It’s a never-ending process. But in return it gives us a beautiful place to visit.

I had the opportunity to visit the islands several years ago and did many of the adventures there. No, I’m not a spokesperson for Hawaii, I just thought I’d share some of the pleasure I got when I was able to go. I loved it, but to be honest, I wouldn’t want to live there. I’ll take the desert of Arizona, the mountains and the heat, and just visit the other places.

January 2015

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