A Little Joy & Blessing

By Sally

Sometimes the people we meet can bring us smiles and good remembrances, even though we only knew them of a short period of time. Their pleasantness and joy seems to shine from them, innocently and with radiance. And it’s when they choose you to speak to, not you choosing them.

I went shopping at Trader Joes the other night, as I have done many times before. But this was different. I would say like a planned acquaintance.

Looking for a parking spot, there was one in front of the store. Looking kind of narrow, I wasn’t sure if it would work, but was able to park easily.

Opening the door and getting out began with a noise from the car parked next to me. I looked over and a small child was talking to me through the window. After closing my door, I started to talk with the child.

A very friendly boy, eager to keep my attention. Being in the evening, I didn’t notice anyone else in the car, but talked with the boy for a short time, and then went into the store.

Coming out, I went to my car and the little boy was talking to me again. I didn’t hear him when the back door of their car opened and a young girl called to me saying, “_______ wants to talk to you.” I looked over, put my bag & purse in my car, and started to talk with the boy once again.

I didn’t see the man in the car, but when I was in the store I saw a man at the door talking to a lady. For some reason I felt like it was the driver of the car.

The young lady rolled down the boy’s window, and I looked in to see another boy in the back seat with the young lady.

They were all very eager to speak and were joyful and sincere, and we had a pleasant time. They boys called the girl Mom, which I was kind of surprised. I found out the boys were very close together in age, the older 5, and the girl didn’t look any older than 16.

They all filled my day with joy, and a very pleasant memory. I don’t know if they were rich, poor, or in between, but the love they had radiated from their actions and conversations. I think we talked about 15 minutes to a half hour – until the husband-father (I know not which) came out of the store. Yep, it was the same man. He didn’t say anything, but I felt he was a hard working provider for his family, and they were happy.

So nice to see a joyous family, the children showing the love for their mom, without hugs and kisses, but by the way they acted and spoke about her and the essence of peace and love that came from them.

I was very touched by their presence. Perhaps someday I’ll get to speak with them again. In the meantime, I thank them for putting some joy in my heart.

November 2016