A Cry of the Lonely

by Sally

“Someone please help me.” “Someone please listen to me.” “I need a hug, a big hug.” “I need someone to hear me, to talk to me and to love me.” “I need a hug.”

These are some of the cries of the lonely, the depressed, the people who feel like they are left out and forgotten. They feel like no one is there to listen to how they feel or to ask how they feel. They are people in need of someone to share their cares.

These are not only cries from the elderly, or those in nursing homes, but people of everyday life – people who are working, have families, and even teenagers.

From the time we are conceived we are in need of the warmth of a loving touch. In our mother’s womb we are encompassed with the feel of her love and that is carried through all our lives to death.

Even in adulthood, when you are supposed to be able to take care of yourself, you still have the need for that caring touch, that someone to listen, and that someone to hug.

People are so busy with their own lives, they completely overlook the role they play in another’s life. A simple call to ask, “Are you OK?” To take that couple of extra minutes to stop and listen … and to offer a hug.

“Please, someone love me.” This is a desperate cry so many of us ignore. Possibly a cry reaching out in our own household, our own family. So many times we tend to put off touching base with a family member (“Oh, Aunt Sue is OK, she’s a survivor.” or “She/he has his friends, so she/he is OK, I don’t need to call.”) Hasn’t this entered into your mind when you do think of someone you should contact?

A good example is to go to an animal shelter, pet a dog, talk to him for a couple of moments, the walk away, but watch him as you do. See how he reacts. They drop their ears, drop their head, drop their tail, and watch to see if you are going to turn around and come back to them. And when you don’t, they go to the darkest corner of their cage and lay down with tears in their eyes. This is exactly how humans react when they are in need of a caring person, and that person just walks on by.

People like this end up going to counselors, taking anti-depressant drugs, or just walking away from it all. Just walking away from it all seems to be something not only the depressed do, but those people who don’t want to be bothered, or feel they don’t have anything to offer anyone in need, or are self-centered individuals who just don’t care with the excuse, “I don’t have the time right now.”

People who look the other way don’t realize that maybe someday they will be the ones crying out for a hug. People commit suicide from the thought that no one cares. And do you know what? No one does … until they hear the news of someone they knew taking their life. Then they say, “I should have … I should have .. I could have …”

I had the thought pop into my mind just today, as I watched a man and wife carry their baby in a car seat. This baby was hung on the arm like a bag, put into a shopping cart like a sack of potatoes, and left unattended for periods of time, then carried out and put into the car. WHEN DOES THIS BABY, WHO NEEDS LOVING CARE, HAVE THE PERSONAL TOUGH OF THEIR PARENT?

Modern technology has provided the world with many good items, but through the use of those items comes the loss of the human touch. God created humans to care for humans, not for humans to create a hunk of plastic to take the place of a loving person. It’s convenient! This is the main word in the vocabulary of the modern man/woman – convenient!

When it is convenient you will visit your uncle, mother, sister, etc. When it is convenient you will sit down and talk with your child to find out what he/she is up to, but by that time he/she is up to their elbows in dope, stealing, etc. and won’t talk to you … because they believe you don’t care! By that time they can teach you things of the world that you didn’t know because you have been off in your own world.

Financial problems are one of the highest causes for depression. Being financially low with no hope of it getting any better, and being alone to face the hardship, is so depressing that drastic measures forge ahead in the mind of the depressed. Even though these people don’t have the money to spend, they go out into the malls and shop, or pretend to shop, just for the attention of the sales clerk, because she will listen to them because she wants that sale. But they want that attention. They need someone to talk to, even if it is a stranger.

People cry out from the emptiness of their hearts. No one hears these cries because no one is around, no one cares.

Just like the animal shelter example, look into the eyes of a homeless animal, then look into the eyes of a lonely person. Aren’t they just about the same?

Don’t you feel like you want to take all the animals home? Wouldn’t you like to make another person smile … another human being, just like you and me?

September 1, 2011

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