Where’s Little Kim?

by Ruth

Have you seen Kim? I’ve looked in all the places he might, but, No, he’s not there.

Oh, Oh. Here he comes walking up the sidewalk with his little chest, proud as a peacock.

Well, what do you have to say for yourself?

OK, I have some information for you. I’ve been to the courthouse and they sent me to the seafaring museum. Now the rules of the sea are written that finders are keepers, no questions asked. So the chest is mine even though it was washed up on the beach. Remember the date on the chest? It is 1782, when pirates roamed the sea and plundered other ships. At the museum they felt it was from one of the plundered ships, as the maps also date back to that time.

I also had the gold appraised too!!!

January, 2013

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