Thoughts of A Bull

by Ruth

They call me Thunder & Lightening.

There they go again – loading all of us on the truck and even prodding us if we didn’t move fast enough. After a long ride we arrived in another city and were unloaded at a big arena. Another show, another crowd, the usual fanfare. After giving us food and water, we settled in for the night.

The next day we were paraded around the arena where the show was to take place. There was the usual funny man in the barrel to entertain the audience. Also the cowboy on horseback to ride herd and keep us in line. Later on we were loaded into pens and led to the one pen where a cowboy rider would mount us and proceed to adjust ropes for the purpose of holding on. Our horns had been clipped so if we did buck, it would not be as severe, but would still be painful and perhaps fatal. The pen was just big enough for us with no extra room to move in any direction. This was The Time!, just before we entered the arena. We were expected to buck or spin or do both, just to get the man off our back. The crowd clapped and yelled. The longer the man stayed on my back was to secure points which led to prizes of money and fame on the circuit.

The cowboy on my back was well known and well liked, so the applause was real loud for him. I decided that I would throw him off before he could stay on the required time. Finally he was ready and the big gate opened. It was just him and me. First I bucked real high while I was spinning as well. But, NO, he held on. So with all my power I threw him off. Too late, he had made the necessary minutes. However I went after the clowns as he had climbed the guard fence. I gave them a bad time, going after them with my horns, but they were nimble and stayed out of my path. After this I decided to return to the pens.

Then another night trip, another city. We repeated the show all over again. When will man realize he cannot win over the brute strength of a bull?

May, 2012

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