The Woodpile

By Ruth

The woodpile, it goes up and then with time it goes down. In the fall when the wood is delivered and stacked, it’s a wonderful sight. It conjures up all the happy times of sitting around the fire place, perhaps popping corn or even roasting chestnuts. Without the woodpile these things would not be possible. There is the smell of leaves burning in the air, which is cold and crisp. It’s really invigorating. There are visions of Good Times and Holidays to come – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and best of all, Christmas. We always had the fireplace lit and going, especially on holidays. This again is possible because of the woodpile, which is gradually decreasing in size. Our forefathers had to go out in the woods to obtain wood for the woodpile. It was used in the fireplace, for cooking, for heating, etc. Today we use the fireplace as an enhancement to our way of life, not as a necessary part of life. So there again the woodpile is close to being finished and spring is just around the corner. Another year has passed and the woodpile is no more.

February 22, 2011

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