The Origin of Kim’s Little Chest

by Ruth

Finally little Kim simmered down and agreed to have a calm discussion about his little chest, after we had promised not to take it. He explained that one morning early as he was walking along the beach when the tide was out, he came across the little chest sticking out of the sand. When he tugged it out all the way, he was able to see part of the golden lion on the cover. He was excited. When he brushed off the sand and then cleaned it with his handkerchief, he was surprised to see how it shined in the sunlight.

He pulled it up to drier land and attempted to open it. But it refused to open. He tried banging on it. Still it wouldn’t open. He became so upset that he started kicking it and then it sprung open. Jewelry spilled out on the ground and some folded sheets of paper. He stood looking at it, not believing what he saw. How wonderful – all this was his.

December, 2012

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