The Fireplace

by Ruth

When I light the fireplace I’m happy. The fire is company when I’m alone. I enjoy seeing the flames shooting high up in the chimney, and hearing the crackling and popping of the wood. It’s really fascinating and spellbinding.

It brings back days of old when that was our only way of heating our homes and the principle way of cooking our food. Now it is just considered to enhance our home.

But let’s get back to the fireplace. One can see all sorts of imaginary pictures in the flames – faces and figures of days gone by, pioneers on the prairie sitting around the fire, cowboys singing and talking, and many others.

When I was a child we sat around the campfire telling stories (spooky stories) – more thrilling because of the darkness. Later on, as I grew up, there were huge bonfires to celebrate homecoming at college and football games.

Fire isn’t just for warmth. It feeds the soul and cherishes the spirit.

Feb, 2011

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