The Dragon Lantern

by Ruth

I woke up to the swaying of the lantern, like a big black dragon. It was scary. Where was I?

The bed was a bunk fastened to the wall. I could smell the sea. There were little portholes for windows. Oh My God!! I was on a ship. What was I doing on a ship? I couldn’t remember coming on a ship. I didn’t even live by the sea.

The wind was blowing gale force and the ship was rocking back and forth causing the hanging lantern with the black dragons pictured on all four sides to sway and cause weird shadows on the wall of the cabin. I lay there not knowing what to do.

The gale increased in force and I had to hold on or I would fall onto the deck. The pictures grew worse with the increased wind which was a gale force with heavy rain, almost hail.

The ship was evidently being tied to the dock for we were not moving and we kept hitting the dock with the wind.

What to do? I decided to try and get up and perhaps look out of one of the portholes. Due to the rain and wind, I couldn’t see much, but there were palm trees and shrubs blowing in the wind. The wind came in gusts with the rain.

I called out, but of course with all the noise of the storm and wind, I received no answer. I told myself not to panic. Then while I was standing at the porthole and holding on, a real big gust of wind and rain hit the ship and I fell down, bumping my head.

I had been having a dream and fell out of bed. The rain was real, pounding against the window, and the swaying light was over my desk, with a black shade. I was so grateful to be home.

June, 2012

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