The Changing of the Seasons

By Ruth

I’ve always looked forward to each season, spring being my favorite although I enjoy them all.

With spring, after the long winter, there are warmer days and nights. Tiny little green shoots start to push up out of the ground. It’s like the whole world awakens. Longer days, even the air smells sweet and cleaner.

Now summer approaches with all its attendant glory.  Everything becomes green and alive. It lifts your spirit and you feel like singing. You can romp in your bare feet in the green grass or in the sand at the beach; it’s one long holiday.

 As autumn starts with its trees colored leaves and the burning scent of leaves in the air, we begin to think of colder nights and prepare with storing supplies, changing to warmer clothes and shorter days. It’s a time for picking apples and any other food that could freeze. As we used to say “the frost is on the pumpkin”

Then winter with all its holidays and bright days with the sun in the snow and cold days below zero degrees we build snow men and go sledding, even ice skating . It’s a fun time.  We build a fire in the fire place and roast chestnuts or pop corn.

Of course this is far flung being from the desert of Arizona .

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