Sunday Morning Surprise

By Ruth

I awoke as usual. I brought in my newspaper thinking another hot hot day. I went into the kitchen where I usually read the paper. As I took my fruit from the refrigerator I noticed something huddled on the iron bars of the window. Upon a closer look I saw two baby birds. One was in fair shape but the other was in poor shape. They were trying to stay cool by my semi-opened window which had cold air blowing outside from my air conditioning.

Now I knew they needed water but being wild birds made it difficult. Besides, I had to wait for my helper at 11:00 am. When she finally arrived I motioned her to be quiet and showed her the birds. I suggested we give them some water which they were sorely in need of. I had it all planned. I told her to use a roasting pan approximately 15 inches long and 12 inches wide. The depth was probably 3-4 inches, this would be easy for the birds. I had her fill my watering can and carry the roasting pan out, put it on the ground and then fill it and place it as near the window as possible. The birds took off as expected but then something very nice happened. The bird that had been in fair shape flew back to a branch by the window and seemed to say thank you and then he took off. He was very much more alert than he had been, evidently he found the water and was refreshed.  The other bird did not appear but I hope he found the water too. The fact that he had come back to thank me made me feel very happy.  A true story.

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