Our Trip to the Carwash

by Ruth

On our way to dinner and a show we decided to stop at a car wash.

First, you decide what type of wash you want. There wasn’t time for a complete hand wash (which we usually have) so we opted for a quick run through with us sitting in the car. An unusual experience.

First they clean off the grill at the front of the car. Then they run water and some soap over the entire car, with special attention to the windshield (for bugs, I assume). After this preparation, they guide you in until the automatic guide takes hold (you put the car in neutral for this). Now with a thunderous roar, you start going along. There are whirling straps on each side which slap the car as soap and water come down from overhead. These straps clean the roof and top sides of the car. Then as you move along slowly, there are more swirling blue straps for the lower sides and tires of the car with more soapy water coming down. Now the water appears with such force it rinses the car off of all the soapy water. While this is happening, there are big straps hitting from all angles to rinse it off, going full blast. Then as you slowly move along, there is air pressure which actually pushes the water drops off. You can see this on the windows.

Upon finishing up, we are in control again, and drive out under an awning, and there are two men that wipe up any wet spots and wipe all the windows manually. Then we are back in control again and drive away all spic and span, and you might add, HAPPY.

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