One Year Anniversary

By Ruth


We met in a church in a nice large room.  The teachers were Sherri and Lesley. We began by introducing ourselves. First “I’m Betty but I will answer to ‘Hey you’” (a kindred spirit). She talked of her travels with her husband; the most fascinating was her trip to Alaska.

Next was Jim with his memory still sharp on auto parts. He was also a student of Betty’s husband at school. Last was me who gave a short sketch of my government employment and history of coming from New York.

Sheri had been in antiques, of which I was very interested; also she was putting our stories into the computer. Lesley was a former school teacher and was very busy with refreshments.  And a late comer, Vivian, who was depressed.

And now, a year later:

Here we are at the Golden Coral with the original members, Betty, Jim, Ruth, and a newcomer, Liz. We have our mentor and teacher, Sherri, with us; a small but happy group.

There is Betty who is writing a journal with events in her life. This she will pass on to her daughter Wendy. A really commendable undertaking.

Now Jim who can take the commonplace and make it interesting, very interesting. He is considering writing a book of short stories. Good work Jim.

Liz, our newest member, has written some very interesting articles but hasn’t found her stride yet. Good luck and keep writing. Ruth, plans on finishing her book My Aunt Sadie’s house or  My Vacation in the Country had a minor set-back this Spring but will continue.

Then Sherri, our beloved and loyal teacher who gives us encouragement and keeps us pointing in the right direction. Also puts all our writings on the computer along with her busy schedule. Thank you Sherri.

Last, our leader Michele who is always there for us with arranging field trips, transportation, and pitching in and teaching the class at times. Just an all around good person. Keep it up Michele.

Kudos to our drivers Laura and Carolyn, always bright and cheerful.  We owe them our thanks. Without them there wouldn’t be a class.

Along the way we lost:

Vivian (dropped out)

Marty (a woman)

Two women Liz brought. One joined at the Wood Library (one time) and one went with us to visit the Gallery of the Sun (one time)

2 responses to “One Year Anniversary

  1. Arlene Loomis

    I have become a friend of Ruth’s whom I have lovingly nicknamed “Spicy”. I have joined the group on 3 occasions now and think it is great for all involved. I know Ruth at age 92, soon to be 93 really enjoys it all.
    Keep it up Folks

  2. Ruth is a very interesting writer…she gets our attention especially with the Little Kim Stories. Keep it up our friend.

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