No Time

by Ruth

On this August first, while the slate is wiped clean, we start.

Upon waking up and washing up – No Time. Rush to unlock the door for my helper – No Time. Then to the kitchen to add to my fruit – No Time. Then a break while eating my fruit and reading part of the paper – No Time. My helper arrives and makes the rest of breakfast – No Time. Then shower, dressing again – No Time. Hurry to take blood pressure medicine – No Time. Then decide on lunch and eat lunch – No Time. Almost ready. Oh! I forgot to call the insurance agent, just to be put on hold. Finally I talk to a person but we can’t resolve this without more phone calls – No Time. The bell rings; the driver is here. Wait, I have to bring lunch, sweater, etc. – No Time. We arrive at class. I can relax a little and enjoy the written stories of my classmates. Soon it’s time to leave. Then we again arrive home with some more No Time problems to solve. But hopefully not too difficult and time consuming.

August, 2012

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